Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Work in Progress

Well, I promised pictures, but they are all a work in progress! We are getting all the boxes unpacked (actually, I think they are all unpacked, its just a matter of finding a place for everything!)...now we can move on to the decorating - - the fun part!
This is right in our entryway. I stacked our two smaller bookcases on top of the two larger ones (turned them upside down) and now I have 10 foot tall bookcases! I put 8 little push-lights inside of them to give them some lighting and added a skinny curtain rod on the top to be the "library ladder rail". I'm not sure if the curtain rod is doing it's job, but I really do like how the rest of it looks. I still need to find something decorative for the top shelves, but that will come!
This is a little vignette on a small wall between the kitchen and dining room.
This is just a sneak peek at my workroom - - I have been busy working in it and it isn't quite finished yet, but I absolutely love the walls. I moved this fabric with us and it is the perfect remedy for a rental home. I can't paint the walls, but I can put fabric up!

More works in progress. I am looking for another chair to match the blue one that I got from my Grandma, then I am going to slipcover them both in the fabric that is draped over the chair on the left. Do you love the lamp? I do - - Hobby Lobby $8 - - you can't beat that!! Of course I bought two! Off to the right in this picture is my workroom and to the left is the living room. I am standing in the dining room taking this picture.

And one last picture of something I have been working on - - - a diaper bag for a good friend. This was the first time working with this pattern, and I changed the handles out to make them more comfortable. I just love the fabric combination - - I should take a close-up because all the raspberry fabric is a raspberry and white seersucker stripe - - so cute! I hope she loves this bag as much as I do!!

Hope you enjoyed all the little sneak peaks - - I have so many projects planned for this house, it is just going to take time! Stick with me and you will get to see them all!


Kimberly said...

Do you use starch hang the fabric on the wall?

Happy Momma said...

Kimberly -
No - - the fabric is a sain with the pattern made of black velvet so i was afraid to use the starch on it - - I have never done the starch thing before... But, I just used black furniture tacks - - the holes will be totally covered by paint with no holes needed to be filled. I had stapled my fabric onthe wall at Irwin, but when i took it down, I realized that the staple gun had left big marks - - so I didn't do that this time!

Autumn said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi H. said...

I love the updated pictures of your new home, but seeing it in person was even better! Thanks for all the great inspiration you always provide! Also, did you realize that blue in your grandmother's chair is a perfect match to the blue in the fabric you're going to use in the master bedroom? I can see it sitting up there for a pop of color right now!

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