Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of those weeks (Deployment Projects #143-146)

This has just been one of those weeks!  Charise has not been feeling well all week, and after having a low-grade fever for the last 4 days, I thought I was time to get her in to the Dr. this morning.   After some x-rays and an exam turns out she has pneumonia.  I guess that explains why she has been so miserable.  This week has consisted of a lot of cuddling and movie watching!  It means I didn’t get much done creative wise, but it sure was nice to have an excuse to just sit with my little princess!!  Now that she’s on some good meds, hopefully she will be on the mend soon!

I’ve also been dealing with a sick van.  It’s sickness is completely my fault.  It is our old van  - - the one Handsome Hubby drives when he isn’t on an “all expense paid 9 month long vacation to a sandy beach with no ocean.”  I knew I was supposed to drive it every once in a while, or at least start it up and let it run.  But life got in the way, and I just kinda forgot about it.  So, I’m paying the consequences now.  Just another thing to add to the to-do and deployment stresses list!

Last weekend, before my wee one got sick, the kids and I started on a big project around here.  We are working on switching their rooms so they both have what used to be the other person’s room.  Yikes!  That was a lot of work!  We had to switch room because Charise’s window faced the front of the house (aka the sidewalk where all of her friends would come to socialize with her after she was supposed to be in bed) and she in not one that makes modesty high on her priority list if you know what I mean!  So, we decided that it would be best to make an adventure of the two of them switching rooms and getting their rooms decorated how they wanted. - - That was a dumb idea!


Look at all these displaced stuffed animals out in the hallway, waiting to be moved to their new room.

I have far too many ideas of what my kids rooms should look like for me to tell them that they can have it how they want it!

For today, you just get a peak at some of the projects I have been working on for both of their rooms, and hopefully by the beginning of next week I will be finished and I can post the final pictures!

Lots of pillows - - of course!  Can you see what I used instead of cording?


This was a fun project using leftovers from curtains - - more on that tomorrow!


And of course some embroidery!


A sneak peak at some hardware going up.


And of course some great Craigslist finds!


Have I left you wondering and guessing as to what goes where and what it all looks like?  Yeah - - I’m wondering myself!!  How do I make their ideas and my ideas gel?  We will see what we all come up with!


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I am glad your daughter is better. Sorry to hear about your van. I can't wait to see the reveal.

afistfullofweeds* said...

Oh pooh! Sick Kid and Sick Car?? Thats just too much!! It will get better!! I sure the kids rooms will be super! You are uber talented!!

Ells said...

Hey friend! Did you get the kids' rooms finished? Would love to see the final result? How's Charise feeling?

Tara G. said...

A fellow military wife- we always joked about the resort stays, too! :)

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