Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Master Bedroom Day 1

Wow!  Your comments on yesterday's post really made my day. You all are so sweet. It is so nice to know that there are others out there who appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifice the entire military family makes. It won't be long before handsome hubby is home for good and we cannot wait! I'm sure you can’t either, you're probably sick of hearing me talk about deployments and deployment projects!

Have patience with me this week as I try to balance Handsome Hubby going back, coming off of a weeks vacation at the beach, customers orders that have been put aside for three weeks, and of course, our home school starting on Thursday.  We are excited to start our new school year, but I should could have used a couple more weeks of summer!  Who am I kidding, if I were to have two more weeks of summer, I would still be saying I wasn’t ready for the school year to start!!

Well, as promised, this week I am going to show you the finished master bedroom. For today I am going to show you the before pictures and also a few sneak peeks at the fabrics and some of the details in the finished room.

This room is huge! We have never in our married life had a room so big.  Honestly, it has taken me so long to do this room because I don't know what to do with all the space! Here is how it was laid out before.


Do you see how much room there  is in here?IMG_5266

Overwhelmingly huge!IMG_5264

There  is no real good way to lay the room out.  Notice,this one whole corner just turned into a storage area for all things that didn't have a home.I finally got sick of it all,and when my friend Kristi came to visit,we completely rearranged the room.Tomorrow I will show you the new layout we came up with.


Re-doing the room involved lots of projects!  Re-finishing an old desk (actually my old sewing table).


Adding new hardware.


Making a couple slipcovers.


All new fabrics for the windows and bed.IMG_5901

And of course a re-upholstery project.  IMG_5203Have I peaked your interest now?  Tomorrow I will show you the actual projects and take my Deployment Project count close to #200!  I cannot believe how many projects I have gotten done while Handsome Hubby has been gone!!


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Great sneak peak, can't wait to see the rest.

Kelley said...

Yes, you've piqued our interest! Exciting!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww...dont leave me hangin here! Cant wait to see it all completed:) Maybe it'll light a fire under me to START our master bedroom...its a very similar layout to yours too.

Cheryl said...

WOW! you really did a true room makeover. Lotsa projects involved...and yes you piqued my interest. Loving what I see on that slipcovered sofa already. I love it when you use that flat edging. Can't remember what you called it, but I love it.

Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

magpoCannot wait to see the finished product!!!

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