Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

As we were doing our opening for school this morning, I was discussing Sept. 11 with the kids and their resounding question was, "Why?"  I love a childs point of view, they are so innocent and they love everyone.  Children are so much more Christlike than adults.  They wanted to know if they had apologized.  They wanted to know why they didn't want everyone to live in free countries.  They wanted to know why they wanted to hurt people.  They wanted to know why it has to affect their lives so much, when they were not even alive when it happened.  I think as American's we take our freedom for granted.  We take our way of life for granted.  We forget the sacrafice that others have made for us.  We love to complain.  We love to share our opinion.  We love to....forget.  Forget that over 3000 people died that day.  Forget all the lives that have been lost fighting the terrorists.  Forget the families of those that died.  Forget the soldiers who are fighting.  Forget the families who stay strong during countless deployments.  Forget the children who do not have a mother or father at home every night.  Forget the wives who don't have a husband coming home... ever.    As we were talking this morning I found myself wanting to shelter my children, to not tell them about the bad things that had happened.  To protect them from the evil of the world.  But if I do that, I will be doing a disservice to them.  I will be teaching them to take their freedom for granted.  I will be teaching them to forget.

For another military wives perspective on Sept. 11, hop on over to Mom in High Heels and read her comments.


Autumn said...

Amen Sister.

Infarrantly Creative said...

I second that. Where in IN did you live?

Infarrantly Creative said...

I live in Greenwood so yes we could have hung out! What college did you go to?

Infarrantly Creative said...

Can you email me so we don't play blog comment back and forth...hee hee I totally know that college. Crazy!

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