Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few Simple Changes

I wanted to take another look at the Drop cloth chair re-upholstery and point out some of the things that I changed while re-upholstering this chair.  Design changes that make the re-upholstery job quicker and easier!

IMG_4924 If you take a closer look at the arms of this chair before shot - - you can see that they have been sewn together without cording.



When I re-upholstered this, I found it was much easier to add cording to both sides of the arm. 

 IMG_4993 IMG_4991

By adding cording to both sides of the arm – that allowed me to easily use curve-ease to put the sides of the chair on.



On the original chair, they used upholstery tacks to attach the sides – this a decorative way of adding details, but it is:

A. not the look I was going for

B.  not easy to do at all!!

If you need a tutorial to help you with curve-ease, you can visit mine here.


By using curve-ease, you can see that I got a very smooth finished side that shows of the shapely curves of the chair!!


Just a couple of little changes, that made my re-upholstery job much easier, and added new details and definition to the chair.  As you do more re-upholstery projects, you will become more confident in knowing what things you can change around in your projects!!  I try to use curve-ease whenever possible because it makes the job so much easier and the finished look is so much nicer looking!


alice said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! Super-duper!!
smiles, alice

lolly said...

Your chair looks great! When I took an upholstery class enons ago, we were taught to tack the cording to the chair, then sew the fabric to the cording with upholstery needles. I'm assuming the curve-ease takes the place of the hand sewing? I haven't done any upholstering since then...

Deanna said...

I have to know! Where did you get the pillow with the plane on it? That would be the PERFECT father's day gift for my hubby!

And you are so good with your projects! An inspiration to get off my duff at home and get some of my projects out of the garage!

Great blog!

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