Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Update

Thought I would give you a quick little update.  Quite a few of you sweet readers have asked me how I have been feeling.  So, here's a quick update for you.

At the end of July I was finally able to get in the neurosurgeon.  My appointment was at 9:00 Monday morning.  By 9:30 they had already determined that surgery was our only option.  By Monday afternoon, I was doing my pre-op appointment already.  Wednesday I had to go back for the rest of my pre-op appointments.  And, on Friday morning we were back at the hospital bright and early for my surgery. 

I had a disk replacement between vertebra 4 and 5, and a bone fusion between vertebra 5 and 6 (in my neck).  By Saturday morning, they were sending me home.  Things were fine for the first 12 hours but by Sunday at noon, Handsome Hubby was packing me back into the car and speeding through DC traffic to get me to the Emergency room.  I was admitted back into the hospital and ended up in ICU for 3 days.  Five days later I was finally released to go home again! 

Funny thing about being in the hospital...if you recall, we are military, so I had my surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC.  While I was in there (for the second time), I was able to look out my window and see the closing ceremony taking place.  (yup...WRAMC officially closed while I was a patient in it - - it's kinda weird - - it turned into a ghost town, but I had fantastic care since the floor I was on was supposed to have around 60 patients and there were only 3 of us on that floor!)

Once I got home, I was basically stuck in the lazy-boy. I was very limited in what I was allowed to do and thankfully Handsome Hubby's aunt and uncle came to help us out.  Just a week and a half later, we were all boarding a plane headed to Jamaica.  We had bought our tickets for Jamaica in February so there was no way we were missing our family vacation!  Everyone had a great time there - - although I do have to admit that I don't remember much of it since I was still on a lot of very good meds!

So, where does that leave me now?  Better!  I have been feeling fantastic!  The pain is completely gone and the Dr. says everything is healing very well.  I have been released to resume things, within reason and with limitations.  It takes me a lot longer to get things done.  I've found I can't whip out projects as quickly as I was able to before, but at least I don't have the pain, I can enjoy my kids and Handsome Hubby again and I can be the wife and mom that I want to be! 

I am doing projects, but obviously I haven't posted anything.  We have really been consumed with school since September.  With a 5th and 3rd grader, it takes us much longer to cover everything and I am trying to keep my focus on them first, and projects second.  So, if you see a lack of project posting, that's why....priorities.  I'm working hard to make sure that my Handsome Hubby and kiddos come first!

Well, that's my update in a nutshell.  I will be posting things as I find time, but not on any consistent basis.  Thank you for all the support and concern you have all communicated to me!!  :)

I'm feeling great and loving it!! 


Heidi said...

It's great to hear you're doing so much better.

Reenie said...

I've been checking your blog weekly. I'm glad that you are finally on the mend and feeling better.

Your health, and your family comes first. I hope you continue to heal and get stronger daily.

I'll still check on you weekly ~ take care of you!! =)

mommy said...

Great news!!

Andrea said...

I've followed your blog for a year or so, and really love the things you've done. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Good health is something we all take for granted until we don't have it and then we wonder why we weren't more grateful. So enjoy being pain-free, and good luck! (I can't wait to see some projects...)

Anonymous said...

I've been checking weekly for an update. I was so happy to hear that you're doing better. I look forward to seeing some of your projects, but please take it slowly.
I have never forgotten how kind you were and helpful when I was undertaking my first reupholstery project. Thank you again and be well.

Kaye said...

I'm sooo happy to hear you're well. I miss your blog posts and your projects!

ms.composure said...

aw yes please get better!!


Mom in High Heels said...

Hope you continue to improve.

Amy Lynne said...

I am so glad you're healing so well! Enjoy your family and your pain free days!

Deb mcK said...

So glad you are doing better! Keep taking things at a slower pace for a while!

pbrenner said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family, and that you meet 2012 with renewed health and energy! Thank you for your wonderful blog: you have inspired me to tackle reupholstering my furniture, and have success with it :-)

Hope to see some of your lovely projects soon, and in the meantime, I hope you're enjoying your family time!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are up and about and on the mend! It must be great to not have the pain anymore.

Looking forward to seeing projects as they happen and I hope you are enjoying being with your darling kids and handsom hubby!

good luck with your recovery!


Becca said...

I popped back into your blog to see how you were doing, I am so glad to hear your surgery was a success! YAy!
I hope your health has continued to improve and that it has no bearing in why you haven't been blogging. I hope you'll continue to write new posts. You are so talented and have sooo much knowledge to share! Anyhow, thanks for all the tutorials you've already posted!!

JessicaGlader said...

Praise God you are feeling better! I am so happy for you:) I am also glad to hear that you received good care while at Walter reed.
Love, Jessica Glader :)

pbrenner said...

I hope all is still well in your world and with your family - I pop by every now and then to see if you've posted and sigh when there's nothing new :-) So I console myself with previous posts, and look forward to the day when you post some more projects ... if that day ever comes, lol In the meantime, love that precious husband and wonderful kids, and know there are strangers out in the ether wishing you well :-)


Carey said...

I just discovered (or possibly rediscovered!) your blog and I'm loving your ideas. Hope you are well!

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