Monday, July 7, 2008

Care Fair

My sewing machine has smoke coming out of it, I think! Once a year they have what is called the "Care Fair" here on post. It is where everyone who has their own buisness and every organization on post has a booth and everyone can come out and see what Ft. Irwin has to offer. I am trying to put together my porfolio of everything I have done and also get together some samples for people to see and touch. I am working on the cutest quilt I think I have done yet... It is a kaleidoscope quilt made with Winnie the Pooh fabric, it is adorable. I am almost done with it and I will post a picture of the completed project. I have also made a slip cover for one of my chairs complete with button closures (my Mom should be proud of me for that!) it turned out fabulous. Hopefully everyone at the care fair will think everything is fabulous also!

As far as Franklin updates go... we went to church yesterday (finally) we have been traveling the last three weeks, so it has been awhile! The air was broken and it was HOT. Coming from me, someone who loves the desert, you have to know it was hot. People had told us that things were changing and that they had introduced new "upbeat" songs - - - they must have packed them away yesterday, because it was the same old drudgery made worse by the heat. People were actually leaving in the middle of the service.

The kids are enjoying the summer break, asking to go to the pool every day, which momma usually says yes to. They look like little CA kids, with their dark tans and sun bleached hair. Cameron is really turning into a little fish.

Well, I will try to post some pictures of my projects as soon as I finish them!


Autumn said...

Hey chic! Love the pics of all you work!! And, I am so proud of your updated blog!!! Miss you lots...

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