Thursday, July 3, 2008

Traveling California

Well, we have been busy, busy, busy! We have been traveling the great state of CA. Since we have realized we only have one year left here and our list of places we want to visit is longer than the number of weekends in a year, we thought we better get started! Three weeks ago we went back down to San Diego and stayed on Coronado Island. It was awesome, beautiful and really relaxing! We also went to Sea World while we were there (had to get in our free day there!). Then two weeks ago we went to Los Angeles - - not so nice as San Diego. We went to Six Flags and the SanaMonica Beach. It just all seemed dirty and crowded to me. Last weekend we took off and went camping for the four day. We went to Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon. We had a blast. It was beautiful there and Very High! For someone who is afraid of heights, the roads were not very fun (something about being 6000 ft above sea level and looking over the edge of the road and seeing nothing but a sheer drop off just isn't fun for me! The kids loved it though, they have no fear! We climbed up Morrow Rock (7000 ft above sea level - - felt like 50,000 ft!) There we steps all the way up and a SMALL railing on the side, my kids ran right up, we had to keep telling them to wait up for us. I was a nervous wreck, but I do have to admit that once I got up there it was worth it, the view was beautiful! This weekend, we have decided to stay here (actually our check book has decided for us!) there is supposed to be a lazer light show on post, so I guess we will check that out and see what its all about. Not sure if it will feel like the 4th without fireworks. What, are they afraid that the sand is going to catch on fire here? Happy 4th to all and since I already forget once this morning, Happy Birthday to my wonderful Hubby!


angie said...

Cute, cute family! So glad I can keep up with y'all on your blog!

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