Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life with a 5 year old!

Life with a 5 year old can be pretty entertaining. Yesterday when I was getting out of the shower there were pictures posted on the toilet for my enjoyment. When I asked Charise about them, she apparently thought I might need a reminder of what is supposed to take place at the toilet. Here are the pictures and their descriptions!
The toilet as it appeared when I got out of the shower.
"This is a butt and some poopy"
"This is the poopy getting flushed down the toilet"
"This is where all the poopy ends up!"


angie said...

Nice! Very abstract and symbolic.

debbie said...

Hmmmm...I forgot how fun life with a 5 year old can be. Your daughter is definitely going to carry on your creative streak! (Don't worry, I'm sure her she will refocus her energies to different and, shall we say, less potty-friendly subjects!!! hehehe) But hey, maybe she thought your were really bored that day and needed a good laugh!!!

Curtis & Maggie said...

That's hilarious!!

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