Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Trip

Jason's parents are here celebrating Christmas and the New Year with us. We picked them up yesterday afternoon at the airport in San Diego. We are staying on Coronado Island for the week (more pictures to come of that!) Today we spent the entire day at Lego Land. What a fun place for the family to go. I don't think there is anything better than watching your children have sheer joy at everything they are seeing and doing. When you are only in the parking lot and they are jumping up and down with excitement, you know you have picked a winner!!
One of the great things about Legoland is that while parents wait in line, the kids get to sit and build things with legos. It makes the lines go a lot faster! Here is one of Charise's creations while we waited.
OK, completly out of order, but Jason happened to snap this picture and since I haven't posted it yet, here it is. This is my 10th Anniversary gift. What a huge surprise!! A what a long wait for it! You have to know the whole story... We actually just celebrated our 11th Anniversary this last July. But two years ago for our anniversary, Jason had a great date set up for us. We went out on a themed date and Jason had everything planned out. Down to all the details, including a gift for every course of our dinner. Dessert's gift was me opening up a card with a magazine picture of a ring in it. Jason promised me that when our house sold, I would get a new ring and he had picked it out. Well, the house selling was long it coming and once it finally did happen, I didn't even think about the ring because we had lost so much money on our sale. But without me knowing it, Jason snuck my old ring out of the house and traded it in on my new one. It is absolutely beautiful!! (By the way, he had the stone from my old ring made into a purity ring for Charise when she gets older -- is he thoughtful or what?)

Cameron concentrating on his lego creations! - - It's all he has been doing since Christmas - we are trying to pace him and only let him do one set a day!

Cameoron and I goofing around!

Cameron and Papaw

Santa was there too...made out of legos of course!

The lego man


Ells said...

wow, that is a LOT of legos! Have a safe trip back home, and we are excited to see you soon!

angie said...

Gorgeous ring. Yay Jason! Hope you guys had a blast. Happy New Year!

Autumn said...

Hey friend! LOVE the ring! And, odd question coming... Are you growing your hair out?!!? It looks really cute! Lokks like ya'll are having a great time! Miss you lots!

Ells said...

Hey, great new profile picture!

We can't wait for 'belated New Year's' - I am making brownies. :)

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