Monday, January 4, 2010

Deployment Project #4

I'm linking up!

This chair entered our house via - Salvation Army.  Sturdy and classic - - a great candidate for a makeover!

A closeup of the fabric - I'm sure it was beautiful once upon a time...

Here is is finished.  I love the black and white damask.  Love It!!

Obviously I love it since it is covering the walls in my workroom - - so much so that you can almost lose it in that room!

Here it is moved into another room so that you can really see the pattern

Here is a close up of the bolster pillow that I made - I think it is a great addition to the chair and....
it's even cute from the back!!!

Oh, and the best part... this chair is actually for sale!  Sharing the love here folks!!


Rozi said...

God your hands make miracles,I envy you so much! How did you end up revamping furnitures? Tables and cabinets I've seen plenty on other blogs, but you do the actual upholstering! You make it look so easy, is it really?

Kristi H. said...

Whoever snaps that chair up is going to be one lucky lady! Miss you, Friend! ;)

Kimberly said...

You put a great spin on deployment!

Ells said...

you are on FIRE my friend! So many posts in so few days! :) The chair looks great.

Oh! And the cousin LOVED the booties - kept telling me how cute they were, and showed me the a twin's foot to estimate how soon they could wear 'em. Thank you!

Margaret said...

Very high end, very good job! Stumbled upon your blog, and we're neighbors! Welcome to the DC area with traffic, but lots of great FREE stuff. Join your local Yahoo! Freecycle-smaller neighborhood groups with generous souls. Rock on, you're fabulous.

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