Monday, January 11, 2010

An Update

Two weeks down.  We have survived two weeks now and I would say we are all doing really well.  The kids and I are adjusting to the "new normal."  I have started to get the kids involved in some more extra curricular activities.  We had been putting it off knowing that the deployment was coming and I didn't want us to be busy  running from here to there in the last weeks before hubby left. 

Friday I went to the gym and got a membership.  I am actually pretty excited about it and to be honest, the most exciting part isn't being able to work out.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's good for me and I'm sure that by the end, I will be healthier and hopefully a bit leaner.  But for me, right now, the most exciting was the fact that with my membership childcare is included - - Woohoo!  Not having to pay for childcare everytime I go to the gym.  The kids love the play area.  Think Chuck E Cheese on steroids!  Plus a computer room with computers, wii and tables for them to do schoolwork.  On our way in to the gym, Cameron asked me if I thought it would have a gym where he could shoot baskets, I told him I didn't think so.  Wrong - Mom.  Right there, in the kids area is a little gym just for them where he can shoot all the baskets his little heart desires.  The kids have been so excited to go back all weekend they keep asking me if today is the day that we get to go back to the gym.  I guess I have accountability built in!  I'm also pretty excited because there is a hair salon, nail salon and tanning beds all at the gym.  Do you know how hard it is to get your hair done when you homeschool and your husband is gone?  Yeah - - they could charge me double for my haircuts and I will still go to them just so I have childcare built in!

Tonight I took the kiddos to church to get them signed up for Awana.  We participated in Awana in CA, but hadn't gotten involved here yet.  The kids were a little aprehensive about it at first.  It is a fairly large group and they don't know too many kids at church yet.  But they quickly felt comfortable going to their rooms and by the time I picked them up an hour and a half later, they were excited!  They talked the entire way home about everything they loved and they can't wait to go back next week!  Woohoo!!

I feel like we are starting to get into a groove and like we might be starting to find our niche here.  Hubby is doing well.  He got over there in record time and it seems like he is keeping quite busy.  We hae been able to talk on the phone about 3 times so far - - hopefully we will be able to talk more frequently later.  The biggest issue for him right now is the fact that his foot locker that we sent out in early November, has not arrived there yet.  All his extra uniforms, sheets, pictures, creature comforts and of course the quilt that I made for him are in there.  I am putting a pkg out in the mail to him tomorrow with sheets and pillows and some goodies for him. 

I personally am doing well.  Emotionally I think I am doing fantastic - I am no where near as emotional as I usually am - I think I am just tougher.  Hubby was TDY (temporary duty) so much the last two years, that is still kinda feels like this is a long TDY.  Just minus the phone calls and text messages.  That's probably what I miss the most.  We joke around here that Hubby's love language is texting.  Usually I get anywhere for 10-25 text messages a day while Jason is gone along with phone calls throughout the day as his schedule allows, but obviously that isn't possible right now, so it is a little hard to only recieve a quick emial, but it is better than nothing!  My biggest issue right now is sleeping.  I don't know why, but I just have not been sleeping well at all.  I have seen all hours of the night go by just waiting for sleep to come.  I'm not scared - - an alarm system is super!!  I have been trying to wait to head to bed until I am really tired, but then I just sit there awake anyway.  Hopefully this will go away soon!

This has kinda turned into a long post just about deployment, but I guess if I am going to post all these deployment projects I might just as well keep you updated on everything else that goes on with a deployment!  


Rozi said...

Thank you for sharing, I get to see another aspect of an American life. And your neighbourhood sounds so wonderful! A gym with everything!! How I envy you to have such facilities available all in one spot, I bet there is a cafe too isn't there ;-)

I hope your husband gets his locker soon, it's a trunkful of love waiting right there. Two weeks less to go til he comes home. I feel the same way when my husband goes off because of work, only way for me to fall asleep is if I sleep on his side of the bed, hehe...


Ells said...

Exactly what I wanted to hear - how you and the kids are doing! Thanks friend!

Jessica Morris said...

I followed a link to your blog and have fallen in love with you :)

My husband is in the Army too (we're at Ft Gordon, which I saw from your painted sign that you were here too!)
He is with the mobile blood donor center and travels A LOT - but always in country and more often than not he is home to sleep.

We've got two little ones - 2 and 3 yr old boys - and I plan on homeschooling them and, once old enough, putting them in Awana at our church :)

I have been enjoying your blog and laughing at the similarities - my husband bites me too!! :)

Have a great weekend!

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