Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspiration Pillow (Deployment Project #8)

Last night I was hanging out at my friends house while our kiddos played together.   We've been doing that a lot lately.  It helps having a friend whose husband is deployed also.  Our kids get along great and we have enjoying sharing dinners.  Almost makes it worth making dinner!  I think any military wife would tell you that while hubby is deployed, the menu definately changes!!

While I was there, I started paging through her Pottery Barn Catalog.  Have you seen the latest one?  I'm loving it - - it is speaking to me.  All of it except the prices!  You know me, I am a thirfty girl - -  I refuse to pay full price for most anything.

So, as I was paging through and gathering lots of ideas, I got to pages 56 and 57. 
Be still my heart.

I am in love with those pillows!

But this one in particular made my heart swoon.

Photo:  Pottery Barn
Price:  $49
Are you kidding me?  Really?
I can definately make one of those - - MUCH cheaper!

So, there in lies project #8

I made up the graphics in a power point presentation, and then, used my embroidery program to program it into something my machine could embroider.  I embroidered it onto a natural linen.  While it isn't exactly the same, I think it turned out pretty good. 

My cost?
FREE since I just used what I had at home.  I guess if you wanted to calculate the cost, since I did buy the fabric at some point, it would be 1/3 yard of fabric @ $3.00/yard so $1 plus the zipper, another $3. 
$4.00 total

Not bad!! 

And here it is on a sneak peak of a project I am currently working on - - - just need the rest of my fabric to arrive in the mail and I will be done!


Kristi H. said...

So this is what you were talking about when you said you were loving some of PB's new spring pillows. I love that you can see something like that and totally recreate it yourself for less than a fraction of the cost! Amy the Creative Bargaineer strikes again!

Ells said...

Kristi, I think you came up with a genius name - love it! Amy the Creative Bargaineer! :)

mrs_eric said...

Super cute! What kind of pillow stuffing do you use? I'm very unhappy with what I have used. Its too... floppy.

T'Ilia said...

Um, honestly I like YOUR pillow BETTER than the PB one. Just thought you should know.

Jann said...

You did a beautiful job with this pillow--I love it!

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