Friday, May 23, 2008


PCS - Permanant Change of Station -- Pretty muCh Stinks! OK, I know I'm not very good with acronymns, but that is how I feel. Right now it seems that everyone here is PCSing. I am happy for my friends, they are getting out of the desert and going to better places, England, North Carolina, South Carolina, places they are excited to be going to, but it sure stinks for those of us who are staying here! I keep saying I am in denial, but I think my denial is coming to an end. When I see the moving truck pulling up to their houses and boxed loading up I know that it is coming to an end. It makes me sad, I have such good friends here. The thing is though, they are not just friends, they have become family. Cameron and Charise call their children their brothers and sisters and I feel like these are my sisters that are leaving. It hurts like leaving family too! I know we will keep in touch by phone and letter, but that is not the same as sitting on the bench every day and catching up on the local "news". The good news is that the army is small and we will probably meet again and if not, I know that all my sisters and I will meet in heaven again someday, (I just hope that in our perfect bodies, some ink will still be there for me to be able to identify them by!)

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