Thursday, March 5, 2009

White Slipcover

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I reupholstered this chair for one of my customers a few months back, but since then, she has moved the chair into a different room. She didn't want the chair reupholstered again, but instead asked me to do a simple white slipcover with some nice details. Here is the before picture...

And the after! Ta da!

I needed a way to keep the slipcover tight around the arms of the chair, so I sewed some white grossgrain ribbon to the slipcover at the bottom edge near the arm opening and now it can be tightened and tied shut with a romantic bow. Notice the adorable pleated "short skirt" that goes all the way around, I am just in love with this little detail.

Keeping the slipcover tight around the back required that I pull it tight at the seam and then have buttons to keep it together. The seam right above the buttons, at the edge of the chair is velcroed (I'm not sure that is a word) together from under the arm to just below the buttoned flap.

And the best and most exciting part - - ok for me at least - - I got my labels! I'm so professional now! This is the first one that I got to put on any of my projects. It makes me feel official!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!! You all need to go here and check out all of her great sewing projects! Talk about inspiration, I wish I could sew clothes like she does! I really would love to win this dress that she is giving away, I would like to think that I could attemp to make one similar, but I'm pretty sure it would just end up being a half finished project!!

By the way, don't miss my post from earlier today... big news in the Franklin family!


Hey all! Gotta be quick about this, my computer has some sort of something going on and it only stays on for about 10 min. at a time....hhhmmmm??? Anyway, the last 10 min I had on it, I quickly printed off our taxes so we can send them in (why doesn't Indiana allow you to fine online?), and loaded the pictures from off my camera. This time I am hoping to get those pictures onto my blog and as a bonus even have a few words to go with them!

So, the latest and greatest going on here is Jason's promotion. Woohoo!! It's about time that all the paperwork finally went through. For those of you who don't know, we have been waiting for almost a year for Indiana and Washington to get all their paperwork straightened out so that this promotion could finally be official and the day finally came two weeks ago. Things around here have been crazy busy preparing for that and then the party that goes with it all. Here are some pictures of the big day.

General Pittard taking off the old rank

I got to put his new rank on and then of course give him a huge kiss!!

Congratulations Major Franklin!!

We had his promotion party at our house. I took the entire week before to rearrange the house and prepare food. All in all it turned out great. This is the large food table. Notice the centerpiece of it all is the chocolate fountain. Nothing better than flowing chocolate with lots of options to dip in it!!

Just a close up of some of the food.

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