Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No... I didn't fall off the end of the earth!

I thought that since I haven't posted in.... oh let's just say, FOREVER, that you all deserved a good update. 

So, here's my story.  Not much has been going on here in project world.  In fact, not much has been going on here at all - - ok actually a lot has been going on in our family, but just the normal everyday, life is busy, the army is crazy, and life is flying by way to fast way.  We have finally finished up our year of school and handsome hubby has begun a new army school and more grad school classes all at the same time.  UGH! 

But, unfortunately, nothing has been happening here as far as projects go.  Which is killing me!  I am a creative person, I love to create, I love to do hands on things, I love to use that creative side of my brain. 

So, why no projects?

It seems that my body would rather have me flat on my back or very creatively and precisely positioned on the couch.  I have been suffering from very intense pain in my neck, shoulder, and left arm for awhile now.  I was really hoping that it would go away on it's own.  No luck there.  When I finally could handle the pain no longer, I made an appointment with the Dr. after some good drugs, a neck brace, physical therapy two times a week and an MRI, we now have some answers.  As my Dr. told me, "you have the neck of an 80 year old woman."  Seems that genetically I won the lottery for having an awful neck!  The MRI revealed that I have problems all the way down my neck starting at vertebra #3 and going all the way through #7.  I have bone spurs, bulging disks, and bone degeneration on or between each of the bones.  These bone spurs and bulging disks are sitting right on the nerves that run down the left side of my body.  If you have ever had any experience with nerve pain, you know just the extreme agony I have been in.  It's horrible.  Nothing can touch the pain.  For awhile there, I was popping Advil like candy and it wasn't even phasing me.  I now have the good stuff - - you know the kind that you have to sign your life away in order to receive from the pharmacist and after you have signed, then they take out their special key and unlock the special cabinet that it has been locked away in....the same drugs, that once you get home and look in the container, you find you have only been given enough to give you relief for 6 precious days.  Six days that you will not remember because you will be unconscious from the drugs the entire time.  But when that 7th day arrives and you have no more medication left, you are jolted back into reality by the pain!

And that is my life in a nut shell right now.  Dr.'s visits, pain, and medication.  Not much fun or creativity going on here. 

I did have one project started before the pain kicked in.  A project that would usually take me two to three days to complete.  Let me just say it took me a lot longer, but I did finish it just in time.  I had really wanted to make my own dress for the Army Birthday Ball.  You see, that is one of the really fun parts about being in the army....the balls.  I love dressing up.  Finding the perfect dress and shoes to go with, getting a manicure and pedicure, and seeing my handsome husband in his dress uniform.  I love it!  This year, I had decided that I wanted to make the perfect dress.  It took me FOREVER, but I finished it just in time!

Here we are at the ball.
Might I just add that I didn't realize the lighting was as bad where we were at....that is not a horrible tan line, but instead a horrible shadow!!

Christian comedian Chonda Pierce was one of the entertainers for the evening. She is so Stinkin funny! And sweet!  We got to talk with her for a few minutes out in the hallway as we were sneaking out.

We ended up leaving early because I was in so much pain and I refused to wear my neck brace to the ball!

Close up of the detail of the front of the dress.

I leave you with a picture of me with my beautiful new necklace that I get to wear all day and sleep in at night!!! 

The Dr.s are talking that surgery is probably the next course of action.  At this point in time, I don't care what is next as long as it brings relief.  Since no creativeness is going on around here, I do not know when I will be posting next.  Perhaps with lovely pictures of me after surgery.  I'm hoping that soon it will all be fixed and I will be back to my old creative self and posting lots of fabulous projects.  Until then, thank you for the concern some of you have had.  I treasure the sweet emails I have received asking me if everything was ok since you hadn't heard or seen anything from me lately.

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