Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 Tour

IMG_6291 Welcome to my 2010 Christmas Tour!!  I thought that if I was going to get these pictures up, I had better get at it and get them up before Christmas!  I know there were lots of linky parties the past couple of weeks, but I have missed out on them!!  I didn’t do much this year, but our house is just festive enough for my likes this year! 

I started by changing out my curtains.  I just put some festive green ones up - - they were the curtains from our dining room in California.  I love switching out my curtains.  It is just a few re-clips away from a new look!!


Next came the mantle - - since I have a great new sturdy mantle this year (remember last year my mantle fell off the wall - - and this summer I found a fantastic replacement) I stuffed as much mercury glass, lights, greenery, and greenery as I possibly could!!

IMG_6293 IMG_6294


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care….


A few Christmas pillows on the couch, greenery over the mirror, lights and greenery wrapped around the pillars and….back by request of my kiddos:  the magical hanging indoor forest in the hallway!


 IMG_6288 IMG_6287

A small collection of mercury glass trees on the hallway table.

IMG_6289   IMG_6285

Simple, elegant, and easily packed up in January!  I miss not doing the post tour of homes, but it sure was nice decorating in just one day and knowing that in a few simple hours it will all be taken down again!  

Have a fabulous Christmas enjoying time with your friends and family!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

All is well - - just busy!!

Have you been wondering where I have been at?  I have!!  We have been enjoying our reunion so much.  Handsome Hubby had over a month and a half off before he had to go back to work.  In fact, he just went back last week.  I have to tell you we were definitely spoiled!!  But, i am so super thankful that he is able to come home every evening and have dinner with us!!

I have been working on projects, but things have been so crazy that I just have not had the time to document them.  I promise I will get back to blog word - - -it just may take me a while while our family figures out the new normal!!

I did want to share with you all that I am guest posting on Infarrantly Creative’s blog this next week.  Becky is doing a fantastic series called Pennywise Presents.  An entire series devoted to Crafty gift ideas for the Holidays that are $10 or less!!!  Fantastic!

So, although there is nothing new going on my blog any time soon - - - jump over to Infarrantly Creative and get some fabulous crafty gift ideas!!

Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He’s Home!!! And the very last deployment project #200!!!!

He’s Home, He’s Home, He’s Home!!!!


Count all the arms in this picture….yup - - that is all four of us in one huge hug!


He’s home, and it is fabulous!  We have been enjoying every minute together as family - - we are making the most of every moment we have together.  There have been no projects happening here, no sewing machines humming along, no paintbrushes leaving their mark, no furniture getting make-overs and obviously no blog posts happening either!  Nope – I’m taking a long awaited break!


Remember last spring when Handsome Hubby left this message for all of you?



Dear blog land-
I do not know who all will read this, but I must tell you how fortunate you are to visit this page. I am Handsome Hubby. I affectionately refer to Ms. Design Intervention as "Mrs.. America." I wish you all could see the things she does not post on this blog. She is the most sincere person who is absolutely loving and creative doesn't begin to say what she is. She is everything a man could hope for in a wife. She is fun and brave and supportive and challenging. She also happens to be good at Scrabble! I am glad to share her talents and our various home shots with you. But this summer she is going to disappear for a while. Do not worry... I will loan her out to Blog land again! She is my soul-mate and means more to me than words can express. I pray the Franklins can be a blessing to you through this site. Mrs.. America is truly awesome and I am proud to say she is my wife and the love of my life. 
~~ Handsome Hubby from miles away

you can read the entire post here

I hope you didn’t miss that line in there where he says, “this summer she is going to disappear for a while…”  Well, since his deployment kept getting extended, he is now home in the fall instead of the summer, but I am still disappearing for awhile!  We are taking time to just be a family.  I know we can’t make up for the time we missed, but we can make some new memories and enjoy our time with as little stress as possible!


If you haven’t met Handsome Hubby - - here’s what I wrote about him earlier this year.

I didn’t forget about the half-way contest that we did!  Once I get back to our “new normal” I will post the winner and send out their prize package!  I can tell you that I far exceeded my expectations of how many projects I would complete!


Speaking of projects - - here is #200!  The kids and I worked on a huge welcome home banner to hang on the garage door to surprise Daddy with and also some signs for the airport!  Do you see my kids cute artwork on these signs?


By the way, aren’t these pictures fabulous?  When Handsome Hubby came home for R&R, I tried to capture the moment myself.  It is very hard to take pictures and run to your husband at the same time!!  So, this time, my very talented friend Nicole captured the moment for us.  If you live in the DC area, and you are looking for someone super talented to take some fabulous pictures for you, Nicole is your lady!!  Check out her other fabulous work on her website!! 


Of course, I had to have the perfect patriotic shoes for the occasion!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re-upholstery and a Refashioned Frock (Deployment Projects #198 &199)

Ha!  I did it!!! - - I know it only says 199 projects, but number 20o is already done and I will be posting it tomorrow!!!  I thought it would be fitting to have just one more re-upholstery project on here before Handsome Hubby’s return.  With the completion of this re-upholstered bench, I have a final count of 24 re-upholstery projects during this deployment - - wow!


This was just a simple, curved arm bench, in desperate need of a fabric facelift!  The owner of this bench, loves to throw in a little animal print in every room in her house.  She is in the process of decorating her master bedroom and decided that a little cheetah was just what her bench and her bedroom needed!

  IMG_6031 IMG_6030

The second project for today is just a simple re-fashioning of one of my shirts.  I love this shirt, but it was just a little too tight for comfort.  I found myself wanting to wear it, but always choosing to not wear it because I knew I would be uncomfortable in it.  So, I decided to re-work it and let it be a super cute shirt for Charise.

IMG_6010  IMG_6017

IMG_6015 IMG_6019

All I simply had to do was take in the side seams by about 2” on each side, which also made the arm holes her size.  Then I simply stitched together half way up the neck opening so it’s not showing off too much!!  Charise is super excited that she has a shirt that Mommy used to wear and I’m happy that my cute shirt will now get to be worn again!


Oh, by the way, did you notice the calendar in the picture above?

Here let me show you again….see those arrows?


What, you say you can’t see it well enough to see them?  Look closer!


Yup, it says we are only 1 day away from Daddy/Handsome Hubby leaving for home!!!! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a peek (Deployment Project #197)

This isn’t a completed project, but I have completed as much as I wanted to finish before Handsome Hubby gets home, and it is a surprise Christmas gift, so I can only give you a little peek at it!!


IMG_6009 IMG_6006 IMG_6008

This is a special quilt I am working on, but I can’t tell you any more about it - -- if you keep following me, I promise that I will show you the completed project and tell you more about it!!


If you are interested in the pattern for this quilt - - you can download it for free here!!!  It’s the Amy Butler Nigella quilt - - check out her other free quilt patterns on the same site - - I love them!!

Have I inspired you to go and check out her free patterns - - or even better yet, to make your own quilt?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bonne Nuit – Goodnight (Deployment Projects # 194-196)

Remember this PB inspired savannah slip-cover I just made for my friend?


Good news?  She loves it!

Bad news?  She’s moving (boohoo :( )

Yes, that is part of the military life.  We move, we make friends, we live life together, and then we move.  You just never know which one of you is going to move first.  It’s also something that is awesome about the military.  We make friends fast and we go deep quickly.  There’s not time to mess around, we know we have a limited time together so we make the most of it!!

Shana and I both went through deployments together.  Our kids are the same age.  Our youngest daughters are twins - - they don’t look anything alike, but they act exactly the same - - they can destroy a clean, organized room in 3o seconds flat and never give it a second thought!

Anyway, I completely regress….so, Shana is moving and they just found their new house (yup, that’s another thing we do, go online, find a house for rent, send a friend who is already stationed at our next duty station to go and check it out, then sign a rental contract without ever actually walking through the house!) and it turns out their bedroom in their new home has one accent wall that is black.  So, Shana asked me if I could make her a pillow to put in her new chair that was black, so she can pull the black throughout the room. 

What do you think?


Bonne Nuit is French for Goodnight.  I designed it with a freestyle script and embroidered it with off-white thread on black fabric.  I love this font - - I am definitely going to have to use it on another project soon!!


I loved the pillow so much, I decided that I needed one for my bedroom that I just re-did!  I added a little knife pleat border around mine.

IMG_5994 IMG_5998 IMG_6000

The last project for today is another little Oiseau (bird) pillow.  I love the green with the brown on this pillow.  It is such a sweet, soothing combination!


I’m finishing up the last 4 projects this week.  I think I am going to make it to 200 before Handsome Hubby gets home!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Linen Slip-cover (Deployment Project #193)

This is a sweet slipcover.  With cording around all the edges, a T cushion, round arms with pleats and a pleated back pillow, there were lots of details and attention required in the creation of this slipcover! 


Here’s a picture of the chair before.  Yes, it did have a seat cushion and  a back pillow, but I had already covered them before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture and honestly, I didn’t feel like wrestling them off for a picture!!


This is a linen like fabric.  It was fantastic to work with as far as weight, but it certainly does fray…a lot!  I had to use my serger on every seam on this slip-cover to ensure a long life.

 IMG_5980 IMG_5981

This is the softest, most comfy chair I have ever sat in, no wonder her owner wanted a slipcover made!!  Her matching couch and ottoman are also getting new slips.  I’m sure I will post pictures as soon as they are done!


Oh, by the way….can we say 8 days!!!  :)  Just in case you lost count!

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