Saturday, February 14, 2009


Long post this time... ok, maybe not long, but LOTS of pictures!!

Welcome to my friend, Kristi's house! All the pictures today are just little details I found in her home, I could sit for hours in her house just finding new details hidden here and there. The day I went to take pictures, Kristi was putting new window mistreatments up, so I told her I would come back and take more pictures later. I hope you enjoy all the little vignettes and even get some ideas for your house!!

Need a little extra height - - stack some old books (make sure you choose some in your complimentary colors!) and voila! The perfect height!
I'm not even sure what this is in the little glass, but it screams CUTE!!

A collection of silver spoons

Kristi loves nests and displays them better than anyone I know! She even has me liking birds and nests!

The big picture of where all those items came from! Seriously....look how good she can make a rolling metal cart look! By the way, did you notice that she covered each of the wire shelves with pages from old books? What a great way to give it depth and character!

A collection of rubber stamps.

The perfect way to keep things organized in your workroom - - use vintage bread pans to organize and display your different supplies.

Aren't these cute? Yup, Krisit made them!

A great way to organize and display all those small ribbons!

Too cute!

A collection of H's all in a vintage egg basket.

Notice how the H is anchored in one of those floral pin thingys. You also get a glimpse of the old typewriter that she has displayed on her shelf.

Again, different little collections on her shelves.

Old keys in an ashtray?

The shelf where the last four pictures came from. Even better in person!
Hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse of Kristi's house. I'll get some more pictures later, but for now I'll let her be. Her husband is home from Iraq right now for two weeks of R&R. Enjoy every minute of it Kristi and thank you so much for sharing your home!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Peanut Butter and Sparkles

You know what? I actually convinced my friend Kristi to let me take some pictures of her house (OK, actually I just showed up with my camera and said, "can I take some pictures?") and I was going to post them today, but then when I was visiting with another friend today, she shared a story with me that I just had to share with you! And it is even better because the story is about my daughter!!

Now, keep in mind that Cameron is home schooled, but for Charise's Kindergarten year, we decided to send her to school so she could see what it is all about! So the other night, my friend Melissa was at a coffee (one of those mandatory fun things that we do in the military) and another lady there was telling this story....

Her son had come home from school last week and told her that tomorrow for school he was dressing up. Mom said, OK, but didn't really ask about it. The next morning, he was up bright and early and completely dressed. Pinstripe pants, dress shirt and a bow tie. He then went into his mom's room to check on her. She was up and dressed, ready to take him to school. He asked her if that was what she was planning on wearing (she had on jeans and a sweatshirt) She told him yes, as a matter of fact it was. He then proceeded to tell her he really wished that she would wear a dress that day. She explained to him that she was just dropping him off at school and that it was a cold day, and yes she was going to wear her jeans and sweatshirt. He finally decided that it was OK as long as she made sure he got to school on time. Of course, all of this made her wonder what was up. On the way to school, she asked him why he was so dressed up and he said, "because Charise is dressing up today and she wants me to dress up." OK

When she picked him up after school she asked him how his day went. He told her he had a blue day. At school there behavior is noted by what color day they had. Red being a perfect, the very best day you can have and moving down the rainbow to purple - - a bad bad day! Every day they start out on green so blue was just one color down, but no one likes to have a blue day. So she asked her son why he had a blue day. He said, "well Charise and I were sitting next to each other and everyone thought we were kissing, but we weren't." So being the good mom that she was, she continued to ask questions...

"Why did everyone think you were kissing?"
"Well, because we were rubbing faces, but we weren't kissing, mom."

"Have you ever kissed Charise?"

"No, but she has kissed me :)"

"She has?"


"So tell me about Charise."

"Oh, Mom... she has hair the color of peanut butter and sparkles across her nose!"

This boy was completely head over heals for my daughter. And apparently the feeling was reciprocated. I have never had the right descriptive color for Charise's hair. It is a beautiful red color that only God could have created and it is gorgeous. Now I know it is peanut butter color. Who knew? And the sparkles - - well, those are her adorable freckles that perfectly adorn her button nose and little apple cheeks - - -we call them cinnamon sprinkles and ask her all the time if we can eat them off of her!

I'm glad that this little boy can see the beauty that we see in our daughter, but I do think it is time to set her down and talk about rules and (big gulp) kissing. Really.... we have to talk about kissing in Kindergarten? Who's raising these kids these days? (um that would be me - - -another big gulp)

By the way, Charise did come home with a blue day last week - - the same day that she was so insistant that she wear a dress - - but when I asked her why she had a blue day, she just told me it was because she had been talking too much. I guess I would rather have her mouth talking than kissing!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So What's in a Name?

Well, not sure if any of you noticed, but I changed the name of my blog (or at least the title part). I would love to take credit for it completely, but in reality, my friend Kristi came up with the name. It's cute though don't you think? Design Intervention - - - that's what Kristi tells me she needs on her house. "I need you to come over and give me some 'design intervention.' " In reality, if you have ever been in Kristi's house, you would know that is not the case! Her house is amazing! She has little vignettes all over the house that are so creative and amazingly cute! And, Kristi can do clean lines and white better than anyone I know. We are the exact opposite when it comes to decorating - - I am fru fru and color everywhere. Kristi is clean lines and very thought out and white with just a few accent colors here and there - - it truly is beautiful. I'm trying to convince her to let me put pictures on my blog for you all to enjoy - - because I have also been trying to convince her to start her own blog - - but until I am successful in that pursuit, I am going to try to get her to let me post pictures - - - hint, hint!!

Oh, I also have a post I am working on getting ready to show you how to "bedazzle" your crockpot! Got your interest peeked? I don't really bedazzle it - - but I did do a "creativity is bred out of neccesity" makeover on one this past week and have gotten some pretty rave reviews on it! Just keep checking back!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And tthe Winner Is...

So I had the cutest assistant on earth help me pick the winner today! Please note - today was crazy hair day at school - - so that would explain the wild hair!
Here she is showing you that she has put all the nubmers into her bag. Next she mixed them up really well....

Then she picked out the winning number.

And the winner is... #4! My dear friend Maggie won the cute shoes! The best part of the story is that after two cute boys, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! So Maggie - - send me an email with your new address and I will send these out to you!! Can't wait to see them on your little one!

Woo hoo!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Chance!

So.... today is your last chance to enter for the giveaway on these cute shoes!!
When you do a giveaway, it is important to let everyone know when it is going to end and how you are going to choose the winner! Now a more experienced blogger would have thought that through and put it on the original post, but since I am not the more experienced blogger, I will let you know today :) So.... the giveaway is going to end tomorrow at noon my time and I will put all the numbers of replys in a hat ( I wouldn't do this if I had a ton of entries, but since all the unknowns have chosen to stay unknown - - ok almost all - - - ) and I will have Charise pick the number out of a hat and that will be the winner!! I guess if you want to up your chances, you could leave a second comment and then you would have a bigger chance of winning :) I know, it's pretty lame, but it is entertaining!

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