Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough Already!! (and Deployment Project # 31)

Dear Snow,
Please stop.  Please go away.  Please don't come back.  I don't like you.  You were fun the first day.  Now I am sick of you and ready for you to leave!

Will it ever stop snowing - - I have not seen this much snow since I was a little girl living in WI.  In Wisconsin, they know how to deal with snow.  They have enough equipment and people to deal with snow.

They do not have either in Virginia.

We've had our fun - - we've played in it as much as we could ever want to.  Now it is just interfering with plans.  I'm supposed to have a good friend coming this weekend - - not sure that is going to happen.  AND - - I'm supposed to be leaving on Monday to go visit family.  The craziest part is that I am supposed to be going to Ohio (snowing there also), Indiana (snowing there too) and Wisconsin (yup - - they are getting snow too!)  I am not going to escape this! 

We are going to Wisconsin to have a snow weekend - - snowmobiles, sledding, snowman building - - all that good stuff.  I'm not so excited about it any more.  I'm excited to see my family, but I'm thinking we should all change our plans and meet up at the beach instead!

Look at the roads, I had to take my camera with me yesterday as I did a quick replenishing run in between storms.  I do have to admit, my first stop was Joanns to get more fabric and sewing supplies.  Next stop was Target....then the grocery store!  There are no snow shovels in any of Northern Virginia - - - no kids gloves either - -  - and at this point I'm beginning to wonder about the essentials:  milk, eggs and bread.  Yesterday the shelves were getting a bit bare!  When I stopped to fill the truck up with gas, the first two stations I stopped at  didn't even have any gas.

This moring we woke up to strong winds - - they say up to 40mph and it is still snowing.  I dont' really know how much snow total we have gotten, but it's way past my knees and just keeps on coming.

I've been working on quite a few projects, but none of them are finished yet, so I can't post them.  That's why I had to run to Joanns yesterday to get final touches and supplies! 

 I did make another BDU bag though.  This one is a completely different pattern.  It uses the pants.  I think I might like this one even better than the last one!

All the pattern pieces are fussy cut from the pants so you use all the pockets. 

This bag has more storage and organization than any purse I have ever owned!  You might not be able to tell from the pictures, but there are four pockets around the outside of the bag.  Two large ones, and two smaller ones - - they even have the little pen holder slots!  All the organization happens on the outside of this bag.  The inside is just one big carrying space.  It would be perfect for filling with snacks and goodies to take the kids to soccer practice.  I was thinking it would make a perfect PWOC bag (Prodestant Women of the Chapel - -that's the military Bible study group I go to).  Large enough to hold all my books, yet still have plenty of pockets for keys, cellphones, pens and gum!!

So, which one do you like better?

Camo Birdy Sling

BDU Pants Bag
Leave a comment telling me your favorite!!


Tanya said...

I like them both. i would use the sling for every day as a purse and the other one for carrying my craft stuff with me out and about. I never go out without something to work on. ; )

Autumn said...

I vote for the 2nd one! The "pants" bag is super cute!! Sorry you're stuck in all that snow!!

Sam and Sarah said...

I'm a sucker for bags - they are my weakness!!! I like them both too - but I just LOVE the 2nd one a little more I think!!! :) Great work!!!! Wish we lived closer, I have a chair that needs to be reupholstered, but have never done it and a bit overwhelmed!!!! :)

Ells said...

I like the pants bag better, too - part of the reason may be that I like the accent fabric more. :)

Mom is here and today she measured every single orange couch dimension to start on the slipcover! We also flipped the short end of the white couch upside down and took out some staples so we could see how it's made. Elastic webbing, wadding, and foam - no wonder it's sagging in the place where everyone sits!

Julie the Army Wife said...

I love the pink one!

You guys have been getting a ton of snow!

T'Ilia said...

I like them both. I think I prefer the second one though, as it has such amazing storage, but isn't quite as big as the sling one. Either way, I'd need longer straps.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

It's amazing seeing the snow!

We have seen it up in the mountains from here, but nothing on the ground here.

I enjoyed your snow pictures!

Sherilan Young said...

Hi, I just recently found your blog and really love it. I enjoy your decorating style and also my husband is going to be deploying soon so I have enjoyed how you have kept your self busy with projects. I really am interested in making the 2nd BDU bag. Sorry I couldn't follow your detailed instructions :) Could you tell me what pattern you used if any? Thanks again for your great blog.
Sherilan Young

Amy {Design Intervention} said...

Sherilan -
I used Simplicity pattern #0582 BUT... I had to Dr. it to make it fit the new BDU pants. I also added the trim to the pockets and made the lining up on my own - - I know that isn't too helpful, but hey, what can I say, I had a lot of time on my hands!! Praying for safety, sanity and grace for you and your family during your husbands upcoming deployment!

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