Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School Room light (Deployment Project #19)

I really don't know why someone would build a new house but not put lights in rooms.  What is the point?  How many lamps must I invest in?  Now, I must admit that I do love lamps and I actually prefer the lighting from a lamp to overhead lighting, but there are times when you need good bright lighting.  When you are not trying to set a mood, but instead you are trying to accomplish a task.

Case in point - - the school room.  You just can't use lamps in a room where kids are supposed to be bright, alert, motivated and LEARNING!!  So my first task was to get some proper lighting in that room.  My choice would be a great vintage school room light hardwired into the ceiling...
I do have a budget.
This is a rental home.
There is no wiring in the ceiling for a light.

So, it was time to pull out my favorite rental home lighting trick.  I do have to tell you, that I am not an electrician, I don't even play one on TV :)  This is just my own little fix using the little electrical knowledge that my father-in-law taught me.  So I will not be giving detailed directions and I will not guarantee any results if you try this!

I love to take great looking ceiling light fixtures and instead of hardwiring them in, I attach a cord and just hang it from a ceiling hook and plug it in.  Mobile lighting!!  When it comes time to move, all I have to do is unplug the cord, take it off it's hook, pull the hook from the ceiling and pack it all up.  It's an easy solution to a common renters problem! 

I've used this little trick throughout our house - it really helps to bring personality to the room.

I used it with the chandelier in Charise's room

on a chandelier in my work room

And another one in my work room

The only real problem with it is that you do have a big cord going across your ceiling and down your wall.  Usually I try to hide the cord behing my curtains, but it just wouldn't work that way in the school room, so I had to hide it as well as I could behind the white board.  All in all, I think this light works in here and it certainly lights up the room well!!

Check back tomorrow to see the 2nd project in the schoolroom!


S said...

I like your lighting solution, I did something similar, but took one more step, I bought a cord cover for the cord so I can conceal it. Hobby Lobby sells them, as well as other stores, or you can make your own. Just take a long strip (very long) of a coordinating fabric or white, and put small pieces of velcro so it will close over the cord, voila!:)

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