Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Time Is it? (Deployment Project #20)

Welcome back to the school room re-do!  Can you believe I am up to project #20 already?!!!  We have one month of this deployment down - - five to go.  I wonder how many projects I will have by the end of this?  I'm thinking about having a little contest at the 3 month point and letting people but in their guesses as to how many projects total, then whoever is closest at the end will win a great prize!  What do you think?  Are you game?

Alright on to the next project

Above our double doors leading into the room, we have a little nook that was just begging for something special to be done.  This was a very simple project that took about all of 10 minutes and about the same amount of money!

I went to Target and got 3 *cheap* ($3.00 each) clocks.  I knew they were going to be high up on the wall, so I just needed them to "look the part."  It didn't matter to me that they were made out of plastic.  They had the look that I was going for. 

I hung all three of them up above the doors and then made signs for the different times. 
We have Afganistan - - - Daddy time
Washington DC - - - our time
and Germany - - -John, Josh and Katie time (we have good family friends who are stationed in Germany right now and the kids are always asking what time is where they are, so we decided to add Germany!)

The kids are enjoying knowing what time it is around the world, and they especially like running in here to see what time it is where Daddy is and figuring out what he might be doing - - -eating dinner, going to bed, getting up, etc.  The only problem is that we really need the clocks to show AM or PM because that can get a little confusing.  I'm just gonna chalk it up to some good schooling and lessons in math!! 

and just for you... a sneak peak at tomorrows project!!


Ells said...

awesome!!! Love it that you call it Daddy time! :)

Hmmm... what could the "W" refer to?

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Wow you are really creative. I found this blog by chance, by clicking on the Next blog link on my blog:)

Sharon, India

Kristi H. said...

Your clock idea is so clever! And perfect for school-age children, esp. when it comes to learning about time.

The kiddos must love "going to school" now that their schoolroom is looking so awesome! Who wouldn't want to go in there to learn?!

I think I might know what that "W" is part of! It took quite some thinking, but I think I got it figured out. Can't wait to see if I'm right!

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