Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Tutorial!! How to make your own BDU Bag!(Deployment Project #32)

Snowy Day Blizzard Bag Tutorial

Since it seems like I have been making a lot of bags lately, and we’ve been getting a lot (that’s an understatement!) of snow also. I thought I would do a fun little tutorial on making your own bag!   I actually found a uniform of handsome hubbys that he left behind - - Oh happy day!!!!  So this bag was just for me.  I decided to do another bag made from the pants because, like all of you who left comments, my favorite was also the pants bag.  My friend Shana was here and her job was to be my assistant and take very detailed instruction and pictures - - Let us know how we did!!

So, here it goes…

First, you need to collect all your supplies:

BDU Pants

Accent/lining fabric

A ruler



A flashlight - - yes, a flashlight!!

And, in case you don’t have enough snow, an ice pack (more on that later!) - - -by the way, I just heard on the news that we are breaking snow records that were set 100 plus years ago!

Alright - - here are step by step instructions for making a bag - - Remember.... my friend Shana was over here and took detailed notes and pictures so that you wouldn’t miss a step!

Cut out your pattern.

Stop and look out the window at the snow that just keeps coming and the strong wind that is blowing it everywhere.
this picture was taken at noon....CRAZY!!!!!

Start assembly.

Take a power outage break

Quickly run upstairs and grab your shower while there is still hot water

Realize after you get out of the shower that you have a gas water heater, so you would have been ok!

Rejoice when the power comes back on!!!

Work on assembly again

Take a spaghetti supper break
you see this, this is how we roll around here...spaghetti, bread and butter to make our own ghetto garlic bread....and the scraps from the uniform that we are making a bag from -- FABULOUS!!

Try to work on assembly again

Take a “child just fell down the stairs and got a huge rug burn down their back” break - - enter Ice Pack!

*Just stop right here and take a Martini break!

Try to continue assembly AGAIN

Look out the window and realize that snow is coming down harder and there is a good chance that you are going to lose power again.

Gather together a, “We live in Virginia and there is just no way they can handle record breaking amounts of snow Emergency Kit” - - - make sure you assemble this kit in the cute bag you made during the snowstorm the day before!

Take another martini break

Finish assembly - - -Finally - - only 7 hours and 4,000 distractions later!

I hope these instructions help you make a fabulous bag for yourself!!  Didn't we do good keeping track of our step by step instuctions and pictures?!!!  It was just one crazy day and I though you might like to be a part of it.  Make sure you follow them step by step. If not followed step by step, you may end up making a bag in just an hour!!

By the way, this is lined with an Amy Butler fabric.  I absolutely love the bright tangerine background with the pale grey/blue flowers.  I know it's hard to see all the details of this bag, but what can I say, it is camoflauge!!!


angie said...

LOVE IT! Looks like you're surviving the blizzard alright. Crazy stuff.

Vince and Jaclyn said...

Really, REALLY love to the bag!! Do you have a (real!) tutorial on how to make it? My husband is in the Army...I NEED one of these bags!! Thanks!

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