Monday, February 8, 2010

Shirts (Deployment Projects #28,29 &30)

Well, todays projects are not too overly exciting, but it's what has been filling my time!  We are still basically snowed in.  My drive is shoveled and their is a path down our street, but I see no point in trying to get out when all the schools are cancelled and government offices are closed.  That is my clue that we are just supposed to stay home!  We are holding out just fine - - we still have 2 gallons of milk, lots of cereal, plenty of mac and cheese, good to go on peanut butter and jelly....only thing we have run out of is bread.  Not really a big deal, we can live without bread!  I would bake some, but that would require yeast, so I guess we are out of luck on that one!!  If we get really desperate for some bread products, I can always make muffins!!

So, I've been working on some smaller projects - - quickly finished and fun to do.  As I've mentioned before, I really havent' done much with clothing, but since all I have is time on my hands right now, I decided to work on a few projects!

This first one is Simplicity pattern # 2930 
This was a silky fabric and to be honest, it was pretty hard to work with.  I have to say, although the shirt came out looking pretty cute, the fabric was not fun to work with.  I do love the rounded keyhole neck and I think that if I worked with a high quality cotton, this could turn out super cute.
This next one was made with a jersey knit.  Super soft and super comfy!  This is New Look pattern #6868.  It was an easy pattern to work with the only tricky part seemed to be the neckline.
Same pattern, but with a different neck finish.  This time the finish is folded over - - looks cute, but it doesn't really hold it's shape when you put it on and start moving.  Oh well, I guess I can look cute standing still in the corner!!

I do love the details of the pleating across the front and also a single pleat on the back.

Fun times, at least I've found something fun to fill my time with.  It would be more fun if our roads were clear and I could get out to get customers projects or better yet, find some fun furniture on craigslist to re-do!!!  Maybe tomorrow!!


Julie the Army Wife said...

What pretty shirts! I love the pattern on the 1st one.

Autumn said...

Girl! Lookin' so cute and sassy! You rock! Miss you!

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