Monday, December 15, 2008

What you don't expect to see in the desert!

Can you believe it? My mom couldn't when I told her over the phone, that's one of the main reasons I'm posting pictures! They have closed down the road leading into post - - so no one is coming on post and no one is leaving. This is not just some random snowflake that is heading towards us and will melt in two seconds. This is a for real snow "storm". I say storm because that is what they are called, but it is just fun. The snow is coming down heavy and looks like it will be going on all day. It is even sticking to the ground. Cameron has already built a snowman, I just haven't braved going back out into the cold to take a picture of it yet!
The funny part about today? It was our field trip day. We were headed out to "the box" to see where all the daddy's go to train. So this morning we kissed Jason goodbye as he went to his office to work and Cameron and I bundled up to go out to the box in the snow. We ended up having to come back almost as soon as we got there because they were shutting the roads down, but it was still a fun adventure! Enjoy the pictures!


Ells said...

we're so glad you got fun pictures! We're thinking it looks like about 7 inches, gauging from the amount on our picnic table!

Autumn said...

Could I be any more jealous?!? You are so lucky!!!! Hate we missed it, but mostly I hate we missed playing in it WITH ya'll!!

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