Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Problem With a Pretty Christmas

You know, there is just one problem with having a "pretty" Christmas. You have to take it all down! We are in the middle of trying to pack up Christmas right now. And not just pack it away in the garage, but as any of you military families know - even though we are not supposed to move this next year, the moment you think you can just put all the glass ornaments in a box without wrapping each one individually, that's the moment the Army will decide you need to move! So, with that in mind, I am trying to be patient (not an easy thing for me) and wrapping everything carefully. I also have the problem of wanting it all organized (another thing that doesn't come easy for me). It's just that you never know when you might need something that has been packed away with the Christmas stuff! I am notorious for using Christmas decorations throughout the year - - just re purposing them! So, with that in mind, my goal for the day is to get this stuff packed up in an organized manner while staying patient! Hmmmmm.... maybe I'll just change my goal to "getting Christmas packed up!"

The other problem with a pretty Christmas is that once everything is down and put away, your house looks naked! There's no more glitter or sparkle glowing back at you everywhere you look, no more magical hanging forest to light your dinner table with, and no more "natural" nightlights made from Christmas trees that are left on all night because you forgot to make sure the powerstrip was pulled out far enough from the corner before you started decorating the tree! Not that that happened to me, I'm just saying it is possible!

Well, with that being said, if I am going to accomplish any of my goals for the day - - organized, patient, packed up.... I had better get myself moving! Wish me luck!


Blu Grey said...

My question is where do you store so many decorations?! Love the pictures from your Christmas house.

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