Thursday, February 5, 2009

So What's in a Name?

Well, not sure if any of you noticed, but I changed the name of my blog (or at least the title part). I would love to take credit for it completely, but in reality, my friend Kristi came up with the name. It's cute though don't you think? Design Intervention - - - that's what Kristi tells me she needs on her house. "I need you to come over and give me some 'design intervention.' " In reality, if you have ever been in Kristi's house, you would know that is not the case! Her house is amazing! She has little vignettes all over the house that are so creative and amazingly cute! And, Kristi can do clean lines and white better than anyone I know. We are the exact opposite when it comes to decorating - - I am fru fru and color everywhere. Kristi is clean lines and very thought out and white with just a few accent colors here and there - - it truly is beautiful. I'm trying to convince her to let me put pictures on my blog for you all to enjoy - - because I have also been trying to convince her to start her own blog - - but until I am successful in that pursuit, I am going to try to get her to let me post pictures - - - hint, hint!!

Oh, I also have a post I am working on getting ready to show you how to "bedazzle" your crockpot! Got your interest peeked? I don't really bedazzle it - - but I did do a "creativity is bred out of neccesity" makeover on one this past week and have gotten some pretty rave reviews on it! Just keep checking back!


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