Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Before and After!

I thought I would show some before and afters of some of the projects I have been working on. It is crunch time around here trying to finish up everyone's projects before the packers show up to pack everything for moving.
This first chair is your typical Army office waiting room chair. My friend Sandi just wanted some extra seating in her house when friends are over. She found 2 of these chairs for $5 each and decided they would be a great option. Once I took them apart and started re-upholstering them, I realized they had great potential. What if they don't go back in the typical waiting room frame, but instead got 4 legs attached to the bottom? Whala! Two great slipper chairs!
What I envision they could look like (my inspiration if you will)

Here is the chair part re-upholstered but not back in the frame. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Potential! Notice, I have used a storage crate as my "legs" for the picture. What do you think? Put them back in the frame or add legs?

Here is a second before and after....Just for you Kristi! Kristi is gone on vacation with her family so this will be her first peek at her chair also! This is Kristi's chair before the re-do. It was your typical late 70's early 80's orange corderoy chair. The chair has been primed, painted and re-upholstered. I think I'm in love!


Here the chair is after... what do you think? Big change! I think it looks great!
Now that I have had my little break from all the moving excitement, it's now time for me to get back to organizing and deciding what is going into my garage sale - - -this Saturday. Ugh! If you live around here (and you obviously know who you are!) then stop on by on Saturday and get my trash to make it into your treasures!!


Sam and Sarah said...

get new legs for #1 - love #2 and I LOVE yard sales, wish I was in your area! God bless with the move!

Kristi H. said...

Love the updates on your sight--love the new look in particular. And the chairs... so much fun! Of course I'm biased and love what you did with mine the best! :)


Infarrantly Creative said...

You do great work...I came over from Accompanied Life and I saw I was on your blog list. Wowie...thanks. Seriously I have been wanting to find a chair to redo like the orange one. I will keep looking. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ells said...

We miss you tons! And I linked to you today. at last week's board meeting someone said I was continuing your legacy... which TOTALLY blew me away. I would rather have you here than maintain a legacy, although I'm thankful for my year to hang out with you and learn from you! :) Looking forward to the next year! Here's to Kansas adventures in 2010!

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