Thursday, August 13, 2009

This one's for you Kristi!

Because I am too lazy to retype what I already wrote, you will have to go to the bottom of the post to see what these pictures are all about! Why doesn't blogger let you cut and paste?
This one is both symetrical and A-sym - - notice the two triangles on the outside and yet another one in the center?

Balancing heavy objects with lighter ones
the height of the apothacary being the top of the triangle with the nest and silver dish but all balanced by putting a picture behind the "triangle"

A wide triangle made with mostly heavy objects but anchored by the picture in the middle

My favorite... a perfect triangle made with some bright whites and "mercury glass"!

My friend Kristi just texted me asking what is the secret to ant A symetrical vignette... I tried texting her some pictures, but they didn't go through, so now everyone gets to enjoy my version of A symetircal vignettes!

Like I told her, think triangles! Have a tall item and two other smaller anchors and you can fill in with other things if you want.

Here are some examples from my home...


Kristi H. said...

This is just what I needed, Amy. Thank you so very much!

angie said...

so pretty! is this at your new place? you have such a great eye for design, and you even know how to teach it to others using the right terms and stuff. wow.

btw, you can cut and paste when your post is in "Edit html" mode i think.

Autumn said...

Looking good my friend!

Unknown said...

Amy, I loved finding your blog! You have amazing talent and beautiful style. Hope you, Jason and the kids are great!

Sarah said...

Love it!!! I wish you were near and could help me out with a few things!! I am so not a decorator:( You have amazing skills!! Hope you guys are good. Miss you!!

仔仔 said...

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