Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deployment Project #1

Well, the best way for me to deal with handsome hubby being deployed is to keep busy.  The best thing I can think of to keep me busy, beside taking care of the home and kids, homeschooling, getting the oil changed on the truck, grocery shopping, laundry etc, etc, etc... is to be creative!

Introducing, DP #1 (Deployment Project)

Today my focus was on some of my clients orders.  I have still been taking orders, but I haven't touched any of my work since the middle of November, so I have a little bit piled up.  I had good reason for doing this.  1.   I thought it was way more important to spend time as a family and
2.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of projects for me to focus on once handsome hubby left.

M sent me these fabulous fabrics to make into pillows and two little cushions for her daughters little work table chairs. 

M also sent me two skirts that she had worn when she was younger.  She wanted them made into a doll quilt for her little cutie-pa-tootie to play and pretend with.  It was a fun challenge to work with these skirts.  They were reversable skirts so there were 4 different fabrics to work with, but not much of either.  I made a scrappy quilt trying to highlight some of the details that were on the skirts (the lace edging and button holes).  I also snuck in an embroidered "E" on one of the patches.  I think it turned out really cute and I am sure that little "E" will have lots and lots of hours of enjoyment swaddling her little baby dolls in it!!

Here's a quick peek at the back of the quilt - - I used a super soft backing and put a strip of pieced togeher fabric strips down one side - - it is so cute!

Project #2 is coming tomorrow - - I'm really excited about this one!!!!


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