Sunday, February 7, 2010

BDU Bag (Deployment Project #27)

The weather is just crazy here!  We have gotten right around 2 feet of snow again!  Yeah, I still have not purchased a shovel, so here I sat!  Thank goodness for neighbors who are willing to share thier shovels and friends who will drive their big 4 wheel drive trucks over and help you scoop out!   It would have taken me hours to shovel all that snow, but with some good teamwork we were done in no time!!

After we got done shoveling the snow I looked down at the truck tire and realized that it was completely flat.  Alright now, I have already taken care of the mirror - - -that was supposed to fill my quota on vehicle problems during deployment.  I don't do tires - - I suppose I could if I googled it, but I doubt it.  The men who were here had that tire off in no time flat, had all the stuff to fix it, filled it with air again and put it back on way faster than I would have had the truck jacked up!  Thank goodness for people willing to sacarafice their time to help someone else out!  I felt completely blessed!!

So, since we have not left the house in 4 days, I have definately had plenty of time for projects!  This first one is super fun!  My friend Shana wanted a bag made from one of her husbands old uniforms.  I've seen lots of bags made from old uniforms and they are super cute.  Most of them have a standard barrel shape with some contrasting lining.  I wanted to make hers a little different, and give it some girly personality!  So, I pulled out my trusty Amy Butler Birdy Sling pattern and with some adjustments and some creativity we made it work.

   Shana has been rockin' the bag since she got it - - and it is a fantastic accessory!!  Big enough to carry everything she needs and cute enough to know it's hers - - not one of her husbands cast offs!!
look at the girly contrasting band - - Luv it!!!
This is what we started with - - I think almost every military family has some extra uniforms hanging around...Almost...  Yup, I searched high and low, couldn't find one!  I was going to borrow one from Shana, but her husband is Airforce, we are Army.  Army and Airforce to not have the same uniforms - - in any way shape of form!!  So I decided to wait until hubby gets back, shurly he will have a worn out uniform by the time he gets back, and then I will make my own!!
A view from the back - - look at those great pleats!  I just love it!!

Shana's husband is deployed also, so this bag is something of his that she can have with her always.  There is a real sense of pride carrying around a bag made from your husbands uniform.  A uniform that has been worn on multiple deployments around the world and something that reminds her that this deployment will come to an end soon and life will get back to pre-deployment normal!  Praying that time goes fast my friend! 


Kristi H. said...

What a fun twist on the standard BDU bag! I love it!

Ells said...

SUPER fun! We have about 3 GIANT rubbermaid bins of uniforms in the garage... beginning with USMA uniforms and including BDUs, ACUs, and who knows what else... there's probably a woobie in there somewhere. :) We laugh and think of Jason every time we say that word!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and starting from the beginning and love that bag! Might need to see if I can manage to make something like this out of one my hubby's flight suits!

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