Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guest Room Re-do (Deployment Projects #148-153)

So…. How was your weekend?  Mine?  So glad you asked!  It was CRAZY!!!!  Not crazy like we were running all around town to this and that - - nope, never even left the house the entire weekend except to go to church this morning.  Not crazy like my kids were driving me nuts and I was inches away from disowning them - - nope, they got along great this weekend!

NOPE, it was CRAZY exciting!  Now, granted, not as exciting as it will be when my beloved comes home, but exciting none the less!   It started Friday night when I decided that our guestroom needed a make-over.  I’m like that, I get random ideas, and then just act on them – sometimes not even thinking the whole idea through before hand.  For example, I probably should have thought ahead to the fact that I am still in the middle of re-doing my kids rooms.  Yes, that would be two rooms completely in upheaval and I decided to add a third room to the mess!

Of course, it was also exciting on Saturday morning when I got up and checked email and had blog comments galore!  I had to go and see what this was all about.  Nester - - - that’s what it was all about!!!  I jumped over to her site and what was greeting me?  A picture of me and my beautiful children!  I was on her Saturday Bird Watching!  How exciting - - and welcome to all my new followers!!!!


So, after I got over my huge shock from Nesting Place and came back down from cloud 9, it was back to the guestroom re-do.

It was such a random idea, that I didn’t even stop to take before pictures - - -which is a real shame now because it would be so much fun to show you the before pictures at this point!  But, I guess if I was going to be completely honest it wasn’t decorated before….at all.  I had hung curtains (but they had fallen out of the wall three times   - lack of anchors and kids playing hide and seek in them will do that!) so there were no curtains any more and I had just thrown and orange quilt on the bed.  There was a Mickey Mouse TV gracing the dresser and all the furniture was in the wrong place making the room feel even smaller than it is.

So I got the gumption and just started moving furniture around (with the help of my very strong 9 year old!), got rid of the old curtain rods that wouldn’t stay in the wall anyway, added anchors and hung new curtains, made some pillows for the bed, shopped the house for accessories, made some art for the wall and improvised where needed!

I decided that I wasn’t going to leave the house to do this room.  I decided everything needed to come from the house - - re-use, re-purpose, borrowed from another room or taken from my stash.

So, without any before shots to share with you, here are the after!


I started by moving the bed in front of the window.  Originally it was coming out from the wall where the beach sign is.  It made the room so tight, you could barely walk through the room.  So much roomier now!



Next, I changed out the bedding.  I went all white.   I have  a long standing policy with Hubby - - if the hotel doesn’t have white bedding, I’m not staying there.  It just makes me feel like the room is clean and fresh.  So I did the same for our guest room.


Next I hung up some new curtains.  I used rotating cafe rods.  Two reasons I went with these:  1.  these windows are super wide and getting a rod that is long enough requires taking out a loan and 2.  I happened to have these rods on hand!  I had bought them on clearance years ago knowing that I would need them “one day.” 


I also squeezed in a small corner cabinet next to the bed, making sure the clock is visible from the bed and that you can turn the lamp off from the bed.  It is a stretch, but there is nothing worse than being in a house you don’t know and you have to walk from the light switch to the bed in complete darkness!


I was able to fit in a small antique dresser, the perfect place to store the guest towels, sheets and extra blankets.  I like to put dryer sheets in the drawers to keep everything smelling fresh!   I also had room to put a small reading chair in the corner with a floor lamp.  The chair is from my Grandma.  I was originally going to re-do the chair.  Painting it and re-upholstering it, but it is in fabulous condition and it has so much sentimental value to me, I just couldn’t do it.  Now that I have it in this room and the color works perfectly, I am so glad I didn’t touch the chair!!


Speaking of sentimental things - - the bed was our wedding gift from Handsome Hubby’s parents.  Would it give it a more beachy, cottage feel if I painted it white?  Yes, but again, sometimes the sentimental side wins! 

Well, now that I have shown you the complete “after” pictures, you will have to come back tomorrow to see some of the projects I did for this room.  I’m so excited about them, here are some sneak peeks!






Jessica Morris said...

Cute!! Very nice guest room :)
I would feel very at home in it!

Stacey said...

I really love your beach sign! Your guest bedroom looks lovely! Great job. ~Stacey

Debbie K (aka Midnight Rambler) said...

Very nice, and I'm with you with the white bedding in hotels! ;O)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

The guest room looks so very comfy! The bed is very inviting. Love the all white bedding too. I can't believe you shopped your house for it all. I may have to price some of those rods for my family room because I have a wide window also and yes, those rods are expensive! Which is why my drop clothes are still not drapes, I'm waiting for rods to go on sale!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Loved your guest room! It is always fun to change things up! Thanks to Nester for introducing me to your blog.

Pine Tree Home said...

So fun to give a room a switch a roo. Loving the beach sign and the bed in front of the window.. I love sleeping in a room that feels like a B&B.

Jill O. said...

Beautiful room! I am now a subscriber and I found you on Nesting Place. Looking forward to seeing more! Great Blog!

Danielle B. said...

This is my first time visiting. Love your blog! My hubby is deployed, and I, too, have a list of deplyment projects I have planned to keep me busy. By the way, we have the EXACT same bed as the one in your guest room! Sadly,it is breaking and will not make the next PCS. :o(

the wild raspberry said...

Very nice makeover! It is so fun to do that with things you already have! I love white bedding. Well, white anything actually. :)
Have a great evening.

Ange said...

Now that's what I call a fun weekend activity! Love the way it's all come together for you. We have our bed in front of the window too, just so the room appears larger.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...


Unknown said...

What a great talent you have! I have really enjoyed looking at all of your projects and will bookmark!

Ells said...

Looks beautiful, Amy!!! I'm totally intending to stay in your guest room someday... Fair's fair! You stayed in mine! ;0)

Cathy~Mille Fleur said... it all!


Kristi H. said...

The whole room turned out so beautifully, Amy! As always, I am in complete awe of your creativity and craftiness! I am not, however, surprised by the fact that you completed this makeover without leaving your house. You always have THE BEST stuff stashed away and certainly know how to repurpose things too.

I'm with Elizabeth and fully intend on staying in the newly revamped guestroom!

Staci Edwards said...

The beach sign is my favorite part! So cute!

Amy Jo said...

I loved this sentence:
"If the hotel doesn’t have white bedding, I’m not staying there." That's great!!! I also use only white sheets on my bed and the guest room, but I never thought about the reason why... it just feels like the right thing to do!

Anna said...

I just found your blog and I love it... I had not heard of the rotating curtain rods though... could you explain those?

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