Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Savannah Slipcover (Deployment Projects #190-191)


I am super excited to share this next project with you!  When my friend, Shana, brought me this picture that she ripped out of her PB catalog and told me she wanted this look for her chair and a half, I was eager to take on the challenge!
Here is a picture of her chair before:
The PB inspiration picture:
The final product!
If you look closely, you will see that I changed out the pillow back and made a fitted cushion back.  It completely changes and look and comfort of the chair!
Pleats!!!  I am so in love with these pleats!  Now I want to re-do all my slip covered pieces and add these pleats to the bottom.
IMG_5970 IMG_5972 IMG_5973 IMG_5974
I’m working on writing up a slipcover tutorial for this chair, but be patient.  Tutorials are long and involved!  They take forever to write!!

Wanna see some more fabulous slip-covers?  Head on over to Pink and Polkadot for the Slipcover Party!!


Infarrantly Creative said...

Amy you are amazing! I facebooked and tweeted this out. Your talents never ceases to amaze me. I can only imagine being that good at slipcovers. What do you think is harder slipcovering or upholstering?

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Beautiful! I love the pleats as well. And I think it looks so much better with the fitted pillow back!

southerninspiration said...

Oh my word, I love YOURS even more than Pottery Barn! I LOVE it!


Ange said...

Absolutely fantastic!
I have done plenty of upholstering but have yet to attempt a slipcover. You are such a clever lady!

Kelsey said...

This is insanely gorgeous! You are so talented!!! I need to attempt a slipcover one of these days!

Cheryl said...

you have done a great job once again. Yours looks even better than the PB one.
wished you lived closer to me, I have two wing chairs and an english chair that needs slipcovering.

Mel said...


Crafty Sisters said...

Wonderful job! I'm bookmarking this, thanks!

Mom in High Heels said...

WOW! That is stunning! You've got some mad skills! I love the fitted pillow so much better.

Kaye said...

You are amazing! I love it!! You inspire me to do things I have no business doing! LOL


Bobbinoggin said...

WOW. I have longed to make a slipcover for a chair and sofa. However, I think it might capitulate me into a corner, as I huddle in a ball eating my hair. :S

I look forward to a tutorial. Maybe that would change the intimidation factor for me.

Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

omygosh! you are so talented! please go link up at the slipcover party...i think you still have time. if not, make sure to do it on the last friday of this month. EVERYONE would love to see this! you are super talented!

Nicola said...

It looks beautiful, yet another great slip cover! Thanks for sharing.

Laney said...

I recently recovered my ottoman, but it does not look like that! LOL!

Yours is beautiful.:-)

Rick said...

Another great job. You have too much energy. Send some my way please. I like the pledats--so labot intensive. What are you using? Denim?

Heather Ritchie said...

Wow!! You are SO talented! This is the first time I have ever found your blog and it's awesome. I love how you're a Godly wife that loves to serve her family too, so encouraging!

This chair and a half and the slipcover are EXACTLY what I'm wanting in my house right now. Now I just need to figure out how to do it on a budget. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

This is gorgeous - I just finished my first slipcover and think I might just try to copy this next!

Katie Olthoff said...

I. Adore. Box. Pleats.

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