Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bathroom Re-do (Deployment Project #47)

What is a girl to so when almost all her projects revolve around a sewing machine and her machine breaks?  This isn’t the first time my machine has broken - - in fact, it was broken just a few months back ggggrrrrrr!  I’m beginning to wonder if I don’t have a lemon.  Thankfully it is still under warranty (let’s just do the math here…. I’ve had the machine for 10 months - - it’s been in the shop 3 times, and each of those times they have kept it for a month - - at this point, I’m thinking they should extend my warranty by 3 months!)
OK, moving on - - what am I supposed to do?  Time to pull out the paintbrushes and rollers! 
We have a little half bath downstairs - - perfect size for an evening project to get a little frustration out!  So, once the kids were in bed for the night, I pulled out my paint and started edging and rolling. 
Here’s the before:
IMG_4586 IMG_4588
Did I mention that it’s tiny?
And the after!:
IMG_4612 IMG_4613
Recognize the quilt?  It’s the one I posted about here. IMG_4614  IMG_4616 OK, time to be honest.  I always use oops paint and doctor it up to make it the color that I want.  I had a quart of paint for this room - - as you can see, that was not enough.  I did get some more paint, I just haven’t had a chance to fix this spot yet.  Hey, if we're honest, none of us are perfect!!
Love it!  It is such a bright and cheery room now, I know it’s just a bathroom, but it makes me happy!!!!


Kristi H. said...

OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! Your powder room looks A-MAZ-ING!!!

All the colorful and fun accessories really really pop out and bring it to life. And how could they not--orange really IS the happiest color! Never would have thought to hang a quilt in a bathroom, but the tiny size of it totally works. What about that beautiful blue number on the sink--it's to-die-for! No design intervention needed here!

May I use your bathroom, please? ;)

Ells said...

So pretty!!! I totally agree with Kristi! :)

Great job, friend. Hope your machine comes home soon, too.

Aren't those the towels we found at PB in VG one day ON CLEARANCE!? Well used! :)

Morgan said...

It looks great! So bright and cheery! I love the blue thing on the sink too. And the arrangement in the corner. Do you have lights in it? It looks like its lit up.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Bright and cheery alright! How fun that the brightly colored accessories hide the fact that you have to have neutral walls. I totally love it.

patrick said...

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InnovativeMom said...

Oh I love this and I normally don't like orange, but this is great! How did you get the florals at the base to light up??? I love your blog (just found it)

Kaye said...

How do you find the energy to paint a bathroom after your kids are in bed?!?!?!? I'm usually crawling to the couch! LOL

I love your bathroom! Nice job!


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