Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Chair - - Two looks (Deployment Project #51 & #52)

This was a very productive weekend for me!  I got so much done!  I re-upholstered two chairs, made 2 slipcovers and a set up curtains!  I have so much to post about this week!  I usually try to write all my posts on Sunday night so that the rest of the week, I can focus on homeschooling, my kids and projects.  Tonight I have too many projects to write the posts for - - so it’s looking like I will have to be writing some tomorrow night!!
The first project I’m going to share with you is actually a pretty fun one I worked on this weekend.  I had two of these chairs that I used in our previous house, but they just are not the right color, size and shape for my decorating style here.  So, I decided that I would show you how re-upholstery and slip-covering can change the look of a piece of furniture.
First, a simple re-upholstery.
This is a very simple chair to re-upholster.  The seat actually separates from the chair.IMG_4835 IMG_4834
The back rest of the chair simply takes two pieces of fabric, so there isn’t a lot of work involved here either!! IMG_4850
A simple clean lined re-upholstery, but the black and white toile completely changes the look of the chair without changing the shape.
Second, a slipcover.
The back is completely fitted with a Velcro closure under the backrest.  Cording was added to define the shape of the back.
IMG_4785 IMG_4758IMG_4767 
The seat cushion is a little bit trickier than re-upholstering.  Making the cushion fitted is nearly impossible, but by adding a skirt, the shape is defined. 
The skirt has deep pleating all the way around.  It completely changes the look of the chair, giving it a graceful, girly feel!
So, which one do you prefer?  The clean look or re-upholstery or the new girly shape of the slip cover?
Maybe seeing them in use will help you make your decision!!
Or maybe just my little man showing off his muscles?  :)


Teri said...

Lovely chairs! I think I like the reupholstered one better, since my cat would have the "skirt" part covered in fur in about 5 minutes! LOL Your kids are sure cute! :) Glad you had a good weekend.

Unknown said...

That was such a big change. I am beginning to see how important the choice of fabric is to the finished look. I am saving my re-upholstery initiation for the hot dog days of summer but I gets excited about the project every time I visit your blog.

Kristen said...

Looks great! I like the clean reupholstered look better.

Kristi H. said...

I vote for the clean lined reupholstered look. Another great transformation, Amy! Can't wait to see what you have to share the rest of the week!

afistfullofweeds* said...

I like em both!

Autumn said...

oooo. Do I have to choose?!? The skirt is very sassy!

1 Funky Woman said...

Wow you are fabulous! I live the reupholstered one a little better just because it has the clean line look. But the one with the skirt looks amazing too. I just think for the space go with the one without the skirt!

Melissa said...

I prefer the clean lines of the reupholstered one! But they are both super cute!! Great Job!

Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely said...

In my own home, I tend toward the more defined, refined, tailored styles, but I've found in my business re-dos that I adore the froo-froo girly stuff. I guess I'm a closeted girly-girl. :) I love both of the chairs! Don't make me choose. ;)

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-Adrienne said...

I like the reupholstered one! And I lOOOve the fabric :)

Cyndi said...

Wow I love both looks you did a great job!

angie said...

I like them both, but I'm a sucker for slipcovers, so that is my favorite.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Pretty sure your son looks like hubby in that pic! Girl and flirty all the way. Great job Amers.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Lol! Love the pic of your son! I like the clean lines better than the skirt! :) But that is just my two-cents!

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